Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012! According to Chinese Calendars This Is The Year Of Spit Up

No, really it is. Look it up.


So we took the little chops on her first airplane and she was just like how I imagine Russell Brand would be if I were in charge of him: belligerent and drunk the night before, waking up every hour to scream and/or poop at me, whining the entire time we're in the airport because the bottle wasn't fast enough, then happily passing out the second we're on the plane because my nipple was shoved into his mouth for the entire flight.

Oh Russell Brand, oddly I wouldn't mind any of that. I'm strangely attracted to your crazy face.

Anyway, she was a little terror the night before the flight, and an absolute angel the second we stepped on board. And she slept through the night every night we were there, which of course made me wake up panicked all throughout the night, leaning over the pack 'n play to MAKE SURE SHE'S STILL BREATHING! Occasionally she'd wake up because of my face plastered to hers and look at me like, "Oh mom, back up off. I'm sleeping yo." And then I'd start crying because she was ok. Like a lunatic.

Let me tell you about hormones - they're like nature's tequila. One minute it's the best day of your life and you're trying to get your baby daddy to make out with you like a High Schooler, and the next minute you're crying in the bathroom because you ran out of cheese dip.

I miss tequila.

But before we left we got our first Christmas tree up as a family!

And apparently we put a nighttime landing strip on the Bjorn.

(yes I already put up a version of this picture, but it was the bad version) (plus I'd forgotten I'd already done that)

We had so much fun seeing family and friends who hadn't met the little lady yet, and she loved them all and proved it by spiting up on herself and then staring at everyone she met like this:

"Who are you and do you have milk?"

"What about you? Milk? Oh wait, I think there's some on my lip still!"

"Hi. Listen, you're sort of cool, but I have to ask. . . any milk up in there?"

We also FINALLY got to meet her cousin Leah, born just a week after Adeline was born! (Cut to me crying AGAIN)

Chubby babies!

So, anyway we had a great time! More catch up later, right now I've got some cheese dip calling my name.

Happy New Year everyone!

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