Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Things

So apparently I coughed for the very first time in front of Adeline, because when it happened her whole body shook with shock and she looked at me with the biggest, most what-the-f-was-that eyes I've ever seen! It was simultaneously hilarious and hysterical the way she responded. (Those are the same thing, but still - it cracked me up)

She's starting to be so aware and inquisitive about things that she'll reel with excitement when she sneezes because it feels so funny! And if her dad runs in place at her she laughs hysterically because Oh my god Mom look at dad! He's running but he's not going anywhere! THE HILARITY IS ENDLESS! And that handful of cat hair she just yanked out of the cat? She'll hold it in front of her astonished, as if she's just produced it from thin air. Check it out guys - look what I just made! I. Am. Amazing.

And then when she tried her first beer, this is what she looked like:

WHAT?! This is beer?! Where have you been hiding this magic breast milk?!!!

That's not breastmilk Porks, that's daddy's special daytime drink. It's what helps take off the sting of being an adult. YOU'VE GOT SO MUCH TO LEARN.

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