Wednesday, December 14, 2011

17 Weeks!

How cute does seventeen weeks look?


Sometimes when she's munching on her sucker she looks like a teenager chomping gum 'bout to give me attitude, and all of a sudden I can see my sweet baby yelling at me to let her see her boyfriend Spike who I will of course hate, and I hold her tighter and whisper, "I love you so much. So much it's ridiculous. But one day when you least expect it - like in front of your boyfriend Spike - I will remind you I fed you with my boobs. And then I'll pull them out for further demo. Because that's the kind of mom I am."

"Oh mom, you're such a good joke teller!"

(P.S. I'm never wearing my hair like that again. I look like one of the Duggars.)

(Am I right?)

Anyway, she's still cute. She still poops. She still thinks it's hysterical when her dad jumps up and down. When I do it it's totally boring, but when he does it it's HILARIOUS. I think it's because of the gray beard streaking through the air. I do not have a gray beard, thus, I do not command the comedic attention of our daughter when in flight. However, when I take her in the bathroom with me so I can shower, and fling open the curtain when I'm done she goes totally nuts! Which a) makes me feel awesome, because I love making her laugh, while simultaneously b) making me feel a little unsure about that fact that my naked body is what she's laughing at.

It's not that funny Porks! I just had a baby ok? Like, seventeen weeks ago! Give me a little time!

"But it's so funny because you're wet AND naked! Have you ever seen those stretch marks on your stomach? They're HYSTERICAL!"

In between showering and jumping (which we both do more frequently now that we know it cracks her up, sometimes I'm running the water and he's all, "Didn't you shower this morning?" and I'm all, "You need a break from jumping don't you?" and he's all, "Shower away.") we managed to find time to put up our first real (but totally fake) Christmas tree! I love it so much! It's only got like four ornaments on it so far because I just haven't had the time to finish decking the dang halls, but they're a pretty four.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go roll around in some mud so I can shower when the little Porker wakes up from her nap!

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