Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why It's Nice To Know People Who Also Have Little Babies

My cousin's baby is a week younger than Addie which is awesome because having a cousin your age is soooooo nice at family gatherings (someone who can relate to the cray-cray) (also someone who can relate to the fact that her mom just said "cray-cray"), but it's also nice for us the parents because it's someone who can relate to the shit-storm-of-awesome-and-delirium that is parenthood.

A text I just got from my cousin:

"Our current theory is that both of our children have been replaced by tiny assassins. Their instructions were 'slow and painful'."

Oh my gosh, it's funny because IT'S SO TRUE. They are little ninjas with a chemical imbalance.

Little darlings with the fever of a hundred scorned women.

Little bundles of joy wrapped up inside a grenade.

Little angels who aren't angels, but are actually little devils dressed like angels for Halloween, which is EVERY DAY in devil land.

They're lovely. And demon-y.

And yet we love them still. Why? Because of things like this:

Be still my heart.

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