Monday, March 5, 2012

Mini Snooki

So my mom and E just came out for a short visit and it was so fun!


Adeline was thrilled to have more faces to try to pull off. Not only that but her head-bonking has now extended beyond the thermostat, and has moved on to humans which is sort of a relief. When we picked them up at the airport the first thing she did was try to leap out of my arms head first into their heads. When I told them what she was trying to do they lightly bonked her forehead and she looked up at them thrilled that they finally did what she was asking.

She's a weird kid yo.

"I need to bonk the camera!"

Speaking of weird, she's at a phase now (not weird) where she wants to eat when we're eating and put everything into her mouth. But since she has no teeth, nor the ability to do anything but move things around with her tongue she's not allowed to eat our food which tends to piss her off. At lunch today all she wanted to do was get her hand on my gyro, and that little sucker is strong and determined. Luckily my mom was there and she mentioned I loved pickles when I was little and maybe I should let her have my pickle. I was like, "No way she's gonna go for that." And my mom was all, "You did." And I'm all, "Well clearly I was a weird baby." And then we both watched her head-bonk the menu.

So we tried it.

Attempt #1

That's me looking at my mom unconvinced, and Addie looking unconvinced with me.

She paused for a second, made a face, and then went back in.

Attempt #2

Liked it a whole lot.

Attempt #3


She gummed the whole thing til it was gone.

My little whacko.

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