Thursday, February 16, 2012

Micro Chips Here And There

I'm not saying my baby is weird. I'm just saying she is most likely part robot.

Or an alien.

Turns out she's in love with our thermostat. Like, she like-likes it, she doesn't just like it. First thing in the morning when we bring her into the living room, she turns her whole body to where the thermostat is and then starts flailing her limbs like she's trying to fly over to the wall. Once her demands are met she gets right up close to it and smiles and giggles, like they're telling each other jokes. (are they? are they telling each other jokes?) And then she headbutts it. Repeatedly. She slams her forehead into it and then looks back at us smiling, as if to say, Hey guys did you see what just happened here? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! And then goes back to her giggling and headbutting.

And we just look at each other because OMG are we gonna have to start supporting heater-human marriage now?

Vicki's parents knew she was a robot right? It wasn't like Mrs. Vicki gave birth and came home with that little whacko was it? I can't remember the actual premise of that show.


I'm not sure what's going on with her thermo-love, but for now it's sorta cute. A litte creepy. But more cute.

If she starts talking to the microwave I'm going to start seriously checking her back for hidden screws.

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