Monday, March 19, 2012

Seven Months!

Adeline is seven months old now!

Or seven months cute!

To celebrate I paraded her around the house on my shoulders. This new move cracks her shit up big time!

When she was born it was 80 degrees outside and I had a tan. Now there's snow halfway up my sliding door and I'm so pale I'm about the color of the outside. That is to say a lot has changed.

Except it hasn't.

But it totally has.

My boyfriend and I have this talk constantly. Since we brought the little lady home our life has definitely changed. No more late nights at the bars just because. No more. . . and that's where we fall short, because aside from both of us being out late at the same time things haven't really changed a whole lot. Except for the fact that they totally have because we have a baby. We just can't remember what it was like before. Which is really nice. Liking where you are.

At seven months we can pretty much take her everywhere. She goes to the hot springs with us every week, we take her out to dinner with us, on walks, to the store, to friends houses, to the grandparents, on hikes, on bike rides, on walks in the snow to the mailbox. And she loves it all. She loves being out in the community where she has new things to spit-up on. The other day I took her to the library with me and she left a trail of puke all over the fiction section. Good thing most of those books are covered in plastic and that my sweatshirt doubles as a soaker-up-er.


Weight: 15 pounds

Height: tall

Hair: Brown and a little reddish

Eyes: Gorgeously blue

Movement: Sitting up by herself! (Until she decides to lunge at something she needs, head-first, and the falls over with a thud) Not making any attempts at crawling. Actively dislikes being on her tummy, unless her Dad is also on his tummy trying to make her laugh, then she'll tolerate it for few minutes. However, will take cute step-like things toward her bouncer if you hold her hands while she's standing. May totally skip crawling and go right for walking. Am buying more wine to cope with this as we speak. Also, still thinks head is primary source of getting-over-there-now-please-get-me-over-there. She will head bonk her way through the air until we bring her to whatever electrical appliance she's in love with that day. Little weirdo.

Sound: Is getting more vocal. Makes da-da sounds mostly. Of course. I'm with her all the livelong day but she's going to say da-da first. Oh child-rearing you cruel mistress! Also, she now fake cries. She scrunches up her face and shuts her eyes and whines, and then opens them to see if we saw her. If we did then she'll stop and wait for us to oblige her by reading her mind. If we don't then she proceeds with more of her faking. Is totally cute. Until it's not.

Food: Still nurses, takes a bottle, and devours any type of mashed baby food we feed her. I could be feeding her mashed charcoal, but as long as it's coming to her on a spoon she wants it.

Schedule: Yes we have one! YAY! (of course the laws of the world will govern that by writing it out loud the schedule I've come to love and adore will cease to exist, and hell on earth will begin again)

However, I will do it anyway! Because I like to test boundaries dang it! And really, this is just for me and so I can look back on it later and say, "Oh yeah, that's what life was like".


7am - wake up, nurse, back to crib for quiet playtime.

8am - real wake up, dad gets her up and dressed. she kills the birds on her mobile. she won't let us take her away from her crib until she's ripped at least two of the birds off the spinning device and thrown them to the floor. we have violent mornings up in here.

9am - breakfast, tiny bottle and some prunes. then it's bouncer time.

10am - nap!

11am - nurse while mommy watches some of her stories. either more bouncing or playmat time or if we're having a fussy day get strapped to mommy in the bjorn and help her clean the hizzouse.

12:30 - lunch, mashed peas bitches.

1pm - nap!

2pm - nurse while mommy uses her free hand to do some accounting work. then it's either playmat, bouncer, or bjorn. we mix it up. then we run errands if the weather doesn't suck too much d.

4pm - nap!

5pm - bottle. dad comes home and riles her up. hands back to me to calm down. takes her again riles her up. hands her back. i immediately hand her back and demand a diaper change so i can pee by myself. usually this is floor play time with dad and mom and dog and cat.

6:30pm - dinner, squash and/or pears. what. then we have play and clean up time while daddy goes and starts work on his second job. general crankiness ensues because it's nighttime. i start to sing a lot of justin beiber and/or selena gomez to quiet her soul.

7:45pm - bathtime, or as i like to call it "see how fast you can drench mommy while simultaneously refuse to let your neck folds get cleaned"

8pm - nurse and fast asleep! Hurrah! Mommy pours herself a gigantic glass of wine and has big plans to do stuff but ends up falling asleep in bed watching tv shows on her laptop until daddy comes to bed and then they both read for a while until it hits the late hour of 10pm and they both fall asleep until sometime in the middle of the night when the cat wakes them up!


{please note this is a general schedule for a day we don't have a doctors appointment, a playdate, a swim lesson, dinner plans, serious errands to run, etc. basically its like one glorious day a week :) }

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