Wednesday, June 29, 2011


People keep telling me how much sleep I'm not going to be having once little Jack Bauer gets here, and I believe them. But I'm not sure they understand how little sleep I'm already getting. I'm not what you would call a sound sleeper to begin with, I wake up if I hear the slightest rustle (so burglars beware! I will hear you, and I will pee my pants with fright. Deal with THAT!), and on top of that I'm pregnant. Which means I pee a minimum of five times a night.

All of that - pretty normal as far as I'm concerned. But Then! On top of that on-top-of, I have a dog that needs help getting into the bed at least twice during the night (because he's too sleepy to jump up there, and too spoiled to jump up there even though he's perfectly capable), and then there's my murdering cat.

Oh, that cat.

He comes and goes in the night like a serial killer who likes to check in and lick himself in the privacy of his own home before he goes back out and does some more kidnapping. But not murdering. No. That would be to easy, to kill where you capture. That's kitten's play. My cat likes to bring in his victims, have them run around squeaking their heads off in sheer terror for a while, until he gets bored and eats them.


I know this is what cats do, but every time it is shocking to me. During the day, he's this tiny little yawning cat, who likes to cuddle and lick the butter, and purr into your face as he rubs foreheads with you to show his love. But at night he eats things alive at the doorway of my bedroom.

It's like living in a nightmare.

And needless to say, this whole killing-ruckus, it typically wakes me up. Which is horrifying every time.

So, there's the peeing, the dog, the sound of the house settling which could ultimately be burglars, and sociopath cat. It makes it very hard to get a few hours straight.

Maybe this is nature's way of training me for baby time. It could be. But I have a feeling my daughter won't be waking me up because she's choking a little on the mouse head she's trying to eat.

I'm actually looking forward to being woken up because someone wants me to feed them, and cuddle with them, and sing to them. So bring it on little baby! As long as you're not just tossing gallbladders to a fro in the middle of the night for me to step on in the morning I'd love to get up with you!

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