Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby's Room

So, we've got about three months left before the baby arrives, which sounds like a long time until you realize February was three months ago and that feels LIKE YESTERDAY.

Three months! That's it?! I'm not even prepared. The baby's room has two rocking chairs, and two vacuum cleaners in it and THAT'S IT. (I like to vacuum with both hands.)

So she won't have anywhere to sleep, but at least the room will be very, very clean and very, very rocky.

Because I realized in the last three months the only progress I've made on getting her room ready is by imagining how cute it will look, I've decided to kick it into serious planning mode which means I've entered a phase I like to call, "Obsessively looking at pictures of nurseries on the internet." This was mistake #1. There's like four million options and every single one is adorable beyond belief, so now I go around all day doing the dishes, or working, and then suddenly rushing back to my laptop and screaming, "Where's the Cha Cha Cha crib bedding again?!?! I need to see it right now or my baby will have an ugly room and will be really bad at math!"

Which is crazy, because it's not as if the baby is going to care what her room looks like. It's not as if I even really care. If it's for a baby it's probably going to be just fine. My own bedroom decor was not picked by me and I'm fine with it. It's very boy. Boy. Boy. Boy. Light blues and browns and no pictures anywhere. There's nothing girly about my bedroom except for the fact that me and my vagina sleep there. Sometimes when I look around and realized what a Den of Man it is I take out all my bras and sprinkle them around the room to add a little flavor. (Then I pick them up immediately because anytime I accidentally leave a bra out Partner's dad stops by and we both see it at the same time and are totally embarrassed by my pink A cups starring at us from the refrigerator handle.) (My sprinkling gets out of control sometimes)

So anyway, this week is Operation: Put More Than Just Cleaning Devices and Chairs That Move In The Baby's Room. Because this just looks like I'm getting prepped for my very own episode of Hoarding in a few years.

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