Monday, January 18, 2016

Water Under The Bridge

Just a word to the wise:

Don't listen to Adele everyday, for four weeks in a row if you want to, you know, carry on with life.

It's like I'm a drug addict. I know what listening to her album does to me, but I can't stop it because it feels so good to feel so bad!

And by bad I mean sad.

And by sad I mean let's have every heartbreaking memory feel like it's happening all over again, every single day, so that I wander through the grocery store with mascara running down my face staring at the food for so long employees have to ask me if I need help, to which I can only reply, "Do you sell glue to repair MY SOUL?"

No. They don't sell that, it turns out.

And I don't know what Josh is thinking, but he keeps trying to discuss the songs with me. Like, asking me what she means and stuff. And I'm like, "Isn't it obvious? Their love ain't water under the bridge. He's gonna let her down gently."

And he's like, "What? That makes no sense."

And I'm like, "She doesn't want him to pretend that he doesn't want her."

And he's like, "But he's breaking up with her?"


"So, he doesn't want her."

"Yes he does, he loves her."

"If he loves her then why is he breaking up with her?"

"Because maybe it's just not the right time for them. Maybe things aren't working."

"If things aren't working then shouldn't they break up."

"Yes. But that doesn't mean their love is over. It ain't water under the bridge, Josh! Don't you listen to the chorus?!"

"So, he's going to let her down?"


"But he loves her still?"


"This song makes no sense."

"Oh my god, do you understand love at all?!"

Turns out he doesn't.

Also, because this one is my favorite. YOU GUYS! It's so good:

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