Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chris Harrison For Life

Oh my god you guys.

You know how you forget about something and then find it when you're not even looking and it's the BEST day of your life? Like serendipity but for your soul?!

Well, that's how I feel about just discovering that The Bachelor premiered last night.

The BEN Bachelor!

My heart has never been so excited. Literally, this is better than the day I got married.

(I mean, I was super pregnant and tired and cranky and depressed when I got married so a lot of things are better than that day. Like, peanut butter toast.)

(I'm obviously joking. I'm super happy I got married and I love Josh more than The Bachelor TV show.)

(When it's not on.)

Ok, and I know all of you who don't watch reality television (*coughBreanneandBeckycough*) are rolling your eyes at me. And that's fine. Roll away. It stretches them out, and is a good exercise to keep your eyes healthy, so you're welcome for the eye workout. But seriously, if you're gonna watch people do dumb things on TV and get super dramatic and saying something like, "I think I'm falling in love with him," after 2 minutes of knowing him then THIS IS THE ONE TO WATCH.

There's so much magic and hot-mess-y-ness it's like glitter for your brain.

So, starting next week I'll be recapping them. BECAUSE I CAN. You can't stop me. Unless you come over here and hold me down while I try to type, and then you might be able to stop me because I'll be so excited to have a visitor I'll probably hug you so hard you'll collapse, and then while you're knocked out I'll duct tape and handcuff you to a chair while I play a loop of Bachelor episodes. Because I love you.

But for now, some pictures!

Henry rocking his adorable new shoes and sweater at the museum. 
They'll be one on Saturday! WHAT!?!?

Adeline was super excited to play dress up at her cousins' house. 

So, you can't really tell but Tula was wildly sticking a wand up her butt, despite the fact the whole house was screaming at her not to (or perhaps because of it), and then she wanted to "hocus pocus magic" things with it. Things like. . .

Me. She was trying to hocus pocus magic me with her butt wand. 
I want nothing to do with that wand, little missy.

A rare moment of love. 

Luke rocking his new shoes at the museum!
God, that face!

We had a date night! 
We learned we actually still have things to talk about that aren't kids' bedtimes or who is going to clean what once they're all asleep.
And we still really like each other when we get a second to breathe.
That's nice.
It's the best.

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