Friday, April 27, 2012

Snack Time

Do not judge me, but I just ate about ten of Addie's teething cookies.

That shit is delicious!

Uh Mom, did you just eat my cookies like a total thieving little theif?

Yes, but to be fair. . . it's snowing outside.  SNOWING.  And I'm not allowed to eat chocolate, the least you can do is share your cookies.  

Oh good point!  Yay teething cookies!  And as a side note, thanks for not freaking out too bad when I bit your nipple with my sharp little fangs this morning!

You're welcome!  Now, get out of my way, I want to see what those baby Puffs taste like.

Verdict: they taste delicious.  Baby food is really good y'all.  And when you're snowed in at the end of April you'll pretty much take your desserts where you can get 'em, ya heard?

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