Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vegan. Except That I Still Eat Meat.

So, Adeline spits up. A lot. I know you've heard it because I tell everyone. I tell friends, family, doctors, and strangers, and mainly that's just to apologize for when she does it on them. For some reason people who don't know you, do not think it's adorable when your eight month old pukes purple goo onto their new shoes. Haters.

I'll just eat my banana like a big girl then throw it up later on something you've had recently cleaned.  You're welcome!

Since it doesn't seem to bother her and she's not losing any weight our doctor was kinda like, "Eh, she'll grow out of it." And then right after her brushed it off she puked into a dixie cup she was playing with, and because she's a baby, she then shook the puke-filled dixie cup and suddenly time warped and everything went into slow motion because I knew what was about to happen, and I looked over at our doctor who took a second too long to figure out what was going to happen and suddenly we were both like, "Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" in a deep slow motion voice where your mouth opens and closes like seven times to get the no out, and then - ta da! Me and Adeline were covered in puke! Somehow our doctor managed to avoid the spray (cloak of invisibility?) but me? Oh, no. I got baby puke in places I didn't even know existed. Sometimes it shows up the way sand does in your crotch after you've gotten back from the beach and showered, but then later that night you go to the bathroom and half the oceanfront comes out of your underwear and you're like, "Where the hell did that come from!?"

A lady does not talk about such thing Mama.  Please control yourself at the races.

So anyway, this happened a few times at a few different doctor's visits before he was like, "Ok, we need to figure this shit out."  (Ok, he didn't say that.  But sometimes I wish he would talk like that.  It would make him the best doctor ever.) And we toyed with a bunch of different ideas, and I very much did not want to give her medication if I didn't have to and he agreed so what we decided was no dairy for two weeks to rule out a dairy allergy.

Seems simple enough.  Until you take into consideration I can't have dairy for two weeks because I still breastfeed.  This may not seem hard, until you start it and realize dairy is in everything!!!  So for a week and a half I've had no butter, no cheese, no chocolate, nothing made with butter, cheese, or chocolate, no ice cream, no cookies, and no happiness.

It's been a rough road, but it's worth it if it'll help keep regurgitated food out of my hair for a few hours at a time.  I'll let you know how it goes come Monday, that's when the two weeks is up, but rest assured I will be writing to you from a bathtub full of shredded cheese and ice cream, and I'm not leaving 'til I eat my way out of it!

Also, it's so warm and gorgeous here right now.  If it snows this weekend I can not be held responsible for murder.

Thumbs up Mama!  Spring rules!


You don't need ice cream Mama, you have me.  Cute, precious, adorable, chubby cheeked little me.

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