Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Warning: This post is boob-heavy.

Or boob-unheavy depending on how you look at it.

You know how I look at it?  I went from a C cup to an A cup over motherlovin' night!  As if it's not emotional enough to be weaning, you have to add on to it boobs so small they make my bras sad.

You know what's not sad?  Bike riding in the snow!  Bike riding in the snow is awesome!  

Adeline has sort of been weaning herself, she lets me know she's done by doing things like popping off my boob and staring at anyone and everything that moves thus leaving me exposed to neighbors, friends, grocery store clerks, whomever.  And when she's not making me the soon-to-be-infamous Bozeman Flasher, she's too busy clawing my stomach and chest as if it were silly putty to actually nurse or anything important like that.

No time for boobs mom, I got lounging to do!

Breastfeeding is hard and time consuming and sometimes super painful but now that I'm almost done with it I'm getting super sad that it's almost over.  It's like my tiny little baby isn't so tiny anymore, and while that is good because it means her cheeks are getting chubbier (better for chewing on), it's just one step closer to her being sixteen and embarrassed that I tried to get my groove on with the hot janitor while chaperoning her Junior Prom , even though I will sooooo be able to still get my booty shaking in da club.  Holla!  Ya heard.

Although I'll be doing it in one of her training bras from when she was eleven because apparently after you have a baby boobs just DISAPPEAR INTO NOTHINGNESS.


Good thing she's adorable.

I love driving my car in the bathroom!

Bathroom car time is the best time!

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