Friday, April 20, 2012


Ok, I'm for real getting back on the blogging tip! Starting now!

So, I babysat yesterday for a ten month old. Which means I had a ten month old and an eight month old all day long, and also I DIDN'T DIE! Yay me!

Also, I now have so much more respect for my mom (who had two sets of twins)(TWO). Before I was all, "Pshh twins, what's the big deal, stop whining!" and now I'm all, "OHMYGOD they want to be held at the same time, they want to be fed at the same time, they want to be changed at the same time, and for unknown reasons they both want me to look them in the eye at the same time and I JUST CAN'T DO IT no matter how googly I make my eyes so I just keep going back and forth between their demanding (yet gorge) little baby eyes like a ping pong ball and can get them to stop shrieking for a second at a time in a weird symphony of baby yells so it's like - look, one cries, look, other cries, look, other cries, look, other, look, other, lookotherlookotherlooktoher galksdjfa;lsdjfo;sjdf!"

But it turned out to be fun. For Adeline and me. She's so used to having boring old me to entertain her that having a friend over was like the best thing ever. And then, glory be to all glories, I somehow managed to get them both to nap at the same time and I practically jumped out of my skin with happiness and self proudness with. . . myself. I sat down, poured a glass of wine* and whispered to myself, "Yes. Am amazing babysitter. Can handle anything! Am baby mother fucking whisperer!"

*(but did not drink it as it was only 1pm, and I was babysitting - I poured it just as a little reminder of what I deserved later that night) (then I spilled half the thing trying to pour it back in the bottle because I wasn't so sure my saran wrap would hold for the rest of the day) (slash I didn't trust myself)

And then the other little baby went home and we resumed our usual cuteness.

And toothbrushing.

She loves brushing her teeth.

Well, technically she loves chewing on it and puking on it. I really hope daddy remembers not to use that one.

So yeah, she has three teeth. Well, she either has three or she has two and one of them is just huge and stabby. Her new nickname is Snaggletooth.

She's the cutest little Snaggletooth ever! Even when she bites me and draws blood. BLOOD. Sometimes having a baby is more painful than having a baby. But worth it.

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  1. Hey sis,
    I’m so proud of your new and exciting life. These future days and years are the ones that you will remember (For sure ) for all time. Enjoy the true love that Snaggletooth will give you.
    I miss you and hope to see you soon.
    Your big brother Eddie….