Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Six Months Old!

Six months and this is what I feel like all the time:

Hi Honey I want to LICK YOUR FACE OFF!

Yeah I'm gonna do the annoying thing I do every month where I say, "Oh my gosh how has it been blank months already? I feel like I just had her yesterday!" even though I know I shouldn't, but you guys. . .

Oh my gosh how has it been six months already?! I feel like I just had her yesterday!!

Ha ha! I can do it because no one edits me! YAY BLOGS

Anyway, we took her to the doctor for her check up yesterday and she's still in the bottom of the percentiles for weight, but the 90th percentile for height. And you know what that means? Someone is headed for some super awkward pre-teen years. Have I mentioned that I was six feet tall when I was twelve. TWELVE. Do you know what it's like to tower over everyone, including your teachers and your father before you have boobs? I do. For my own sanity I'm leaving out the head gear, acne, shaved back of the head, and stupid love of Christian Slater in Pump Up The Volume. It was very weird is what I'm trying to say. When I put my hands on my hips I'd often hit my friends in the head with my elbows.

She's tall and skinny, but she can kick her legs like it's nobody's business so maybe she'll be athletic and that'll make up for it.

Adeline is also squealing with delight at things. Like when we go get her from her crib she squeals. Or when she sees the cat walking up to her she squeals. Or just when she's getting a fun walk down the hallway - Squeally McSqueals A Lot.

Oh and now that she is eating solid foods things are a little more solid, uhm, coming out. And I only mention this because the first time she had this kind of . . . situation she screamed bloody murder. Like, "Oh my god Mom I'm trying to poop but SOMETHING FEELS DIFFERENT!" And then the second time she went, same dang thing. I'm hoping this will pass because I just can't see her going off to college, shutting the bathroom door and the suddenly crying as loud as she can until she's finished her business. Girlfriend will not be invited to any roofie-ing frat parties if she acts like that.

She's 13 pounds 10 ounces now and is still in a size 1 diaper. She can wear most of her 6 month old clothes now, but can still totally wear her 3 month old clothes too. I wish I could still fit into clothes half my age size. Something tells me I would not be rocking that belly sweater as well right now. (Remember when sweaters were cut just below the boobs to show the entire stomach?)


She also loves her dad playing guitar and spitting up on anyone who has just put on clean clothes. The lady has talents.

And I hate to cut it off so abruptly but such a spit up has happened, and I don't even have clean clothes on. I've learned, I don't put clean clothes on until I'm ready to go to bed. The rest of my clothes are just there for target practice.

"Yeah I spit up in her dinner. Is that bad?"

"Could you please scoot closet to me so I can get this spit up on you, not just near you."

"Thanks! I love you. And that lovely shade of regurgitated peas you have on."

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  1. Bahaha your blog cracks me up! I can't remember how I found it (possibly linked through TVgasm?) but I check it regularly because I love your sense of humor!
    Your baby is awesome and SO CUTE!!!