Friday, February 3, 2012

Five And A Half Months Going on Nineteen

So this week my baby decided to get all busy with herself. Normally she'll make changes and such in a timely manner like, sleeping through the night, or giggling at things, or figuring out she has a tongue - these all happen slowly, over a few days, but definitely not all at once. But this week. Oh, this week is like she got Rosetta Stone for developing and is almost ready to start tying her own shoes.

New things that have happened JUST THIS WEEK:

1. She stopped being swaddled for sleep. Or anything really.

2. She no longer takes a pacifier, because she prefers to soothe herself with her ADORABLE thumb sucking.

3. Holds her own bottle.

4. Rolled over!

5. Tried solid foods.

What? Oh what's that? I can't hear you over ALL OF MY SOBBING.

Why doesn't she just pack her bags and go off to college, just make this official.

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