Friday, August 5, 2011

Lightning, Twinge - It's All The Same Really

So, there's a lot of weird feelings that happen up in here. Like, the feeling of your stomach being crushed so small that even though you want to eat that entire plate of spaghetti you can really only get four bites in before you run out of room, and your hunger is screaming, "FINISH IT!", but your stomach is screaming, "If you put one more bite in I will seize up and cause you a world of hurt you never thought possible! And for unknown reasons I'll also give you diarrhea. JUST FOR FUN."

There's periodic leg cramps, and a weird runny nose I can't get rid of, and sometimes I'm fairly certain my toes are about to fall off. (But that's probably just because when I tried to reach them the other day I bent them up really far to give my arms some help, and discovered that toes are not so bendy, thus causing a toe cramp session that was cured only by me running around the house to put my toes on different parts of the house/furniture to see if it would bend it in the right way to get rid of the cramp.)

But the weirdest feeling is something I call (sorry Dad) "Lightning in my vagina." Because it feels like a sudden bolt of lightning.

In my vagina.

It's like the baby found a nerve that runs straight down and just sits on it every once in a while. A friend of mine brought this up all on her own the other day, and before I could agree with her she said, "It's like a twinge in your cervix." Which is probably a much more medically appropriate way to describe it. She said lightning sounds dangerous, and very painful. And she's right. It's not super painful, it's just shocking. I guess I could have called it, "Brain freeze in my vagina", but that's probably pretty painful too.

Anyway, I'm on my way to the doctor right now, and I plan to ask her what this is. The father of my child said my friend was much more couth than I was and that I should use her terminology.

We'll see.

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  1. HAHAHAHA! "Lightning in my vagina." Classic. I think you should totally say that to the doctor. "It's like there's lightning in my vagina . . . And a hailstorm in my butt. Is that normal?"