Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Adeline!

Guess who decided to come two weeks early!?!

Adeline Leigh Amidon. 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 21.5 inches long!

I'm so happy and in love and still delirious. She's a week old already (which is craaaaazy, I feel like I just pushed her out five minutes ago) (more on that later) (lots more) (vagina stiches more) but for now, here are a few pictures!

A few hours old. First few minutes of being wide-eyed.

Teeny tiny finger on Dad's finger! SO TINY!

You know how I know her Dad loves me? A few hours after we had her he went out and got me Cold Stone. It was the size of her head. Possibly bigger.

Awake and wondering why she's always topless. (I could eat her up right now!)

Everyone keeps telling me she looks so big in the photos, so I put my hand up for a comparison. She's so little! I mean, yes, I have huge hands, but still! She's only 7 pounds in this picture!

And lastly, this was at about 5am this morning when she was done nursing, and just wanted to hang out with Mom for a little bit. We were celebrating her cousin being born just a few hours before! And then she didn't fall asleep until 7am. We need to work on her vampire hours a little bit.

Anyway, more later! Labor and birth! Whooooo!


  1. love Love LOVE LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that little girl! Watch out Addie, your Auntie is coming for you!!! And she's gonna bite your chubbies and hug and kiss you til you say no more, then gonna start all over again!

  2. she is GORGEOUS!! so happy for you guys!!

  3. She's so freaking adorable that I cannot stand it! I also very much love the name. I am so proud of you that I have nothing witty to say! I'm overcome with adorable-ness!

    You done birthed good, Stern. You done birthed good.