Tuesday, July 26, 2011

35 weeks!

Only five weeks left people. FIVE. My mind just exploded a little. Literally. Like, you know how when you start discussing the universe with people (just pretend this happens to you all the time) and you talk about space, and stars, and other solar systems, and infinity and all that and suddenly your mind sort of short circuits and stops working because even though you understand the concept of infinity, your brain cannot really understand it. Like, it gets it, but it doesn't get it. Because sure, ok, space goes on forever, but then what's outside of it - nothing - but not nothing, it's space, just continuous space, there's no yard on the other side of the space fence because it just never ends! Aslkfdjoaierlasjdfkasjdflks.

And that's the point my eyes glaze over and I start to drool, because I get it. But I will not ever get it.

Aaaaaaanyway, that's what imagining having this baby is like. I try to picture it. I try to picture what the birth will be like, and how I'll feel afterwards and my brain will not let me. Maybe it's nature's way of saving you the agony and the joy of what's to come, but all it's doing now is sort of confusing me and making me feel thirsty.

On a positive note, I now wear the same size bra as my sister! Whoooooo! This may not seem exciting to those of you who went through puberty, but I wasn't blessed with a real cup size so right now I'm thrilled. I mean sure, I weigh thirty pounds more than she does, and I have a belly that shifts on it's own at inappropriate times like when I'm hugging someone so that all they feel is an elbow in their chest, but still! Same bra size! And mine can feed people! Jealous Becky?

By the way: feeding people. With your body. It all seems normal and regular until you realize you're about to do it and suddenly it's like someone telling you you can shoot fireworks with your belly button, and can sneeze out the site plans for a skyscraper. Before I was pregnant I was all, "I know how it all works and it's no big deal. It's natural. It's beautiful. Get over it." And now I'm like, "OH HOLY CRAP THIS IS ACTUALLY HOW IT WORKS?!?!"

Needless to say, my hormones are a little rampant right now and my brain is suffering a lot of confusion. I just picked up a banana and stared at it for a good minute before I remembered what this thing I was holding was, and how I could open it.

See, pregnancy makes everything seem like an exciting new adventure. Even eating.

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