Wednesday, July 13, 2011

33 Weeks!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I was on vacation. In California. Here, to be exact:

Since it was my last vacation before my world turns into a big poop-milk fest, I tried extra hard to be super relaxed and actually succeeded. Typically I have at least one meltdown while we're there due to a combo of 30 of my family members all within a whisper's distance of one another, an excess of sugar intake, no real sleep because of the EXTREMELY LOUD golf carts that for some reason are shuttling around at all hours of the night, and the dread that sinks in almost the minute you step onto the island because you know, you just know deep down in your soul, that you're going to have to leave in 7 days - and that thought is unbearable. But I did not have any sort of meltdown whatsoever. I was totally calm, and happy, and sleepy the whole time.

Pregnancy is mellowing me out yo.

Also it's making me do things I would normally never do - like post a picture of myself in a bikini. There's no way I'd do that not pregnant, but pregnant? SURE! Next I'll post a picture of myself directly after waking up, drool and all.

Anyway, I'm 33 weeks pregnant now!

And the baby is the size of a pineapple. To which my sister said, "With or without the top?" I'm hoping for my birth canal's sake it's without.

On top of tropical fruit taking over my body, and trying to kick it's way out of my body (literally that's what it feels like. Like this pineapple baby is trying to kick down the door of my side) I'm also so hungry I could eat a house. Like, I just realized that's not a saying, it's fo reals. A house made of food. The other day we went to dinner at my boyfriend's parent's house and about ten minutes after eating we were driving home when suddenly I was so hungry again I almost puked all over the place. I had to make him stop at the store so I could get something to eat so I didn't die on the spot.

My brain can't comprehend that I need to eat even though I just ate so I forget to carry an extra meal with me everywhere I go because it thinks, "I don't need this sandwich. She just ate a burger and fries two seconds ago." Oh, but that's where you're wrong brain! You may not think I need more food, but this baby does. And she needs it SEVEN MINUTES AGO.

So, I'm ignoring my brain and listening to my body. And my body wants to eat about eight hard boiled eggs right now, so I guess that's what I'm going to do. Just a nice mid-morning snack. Before my second breakfast.

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