Thursday, July 21, 2011


You all can thank (or yell at) my sister for my prolonged absence. Remember when she suggested I take my fun little art project and turn it into an endless-hand-hurty-what-the-f-am-I-going-to-use-for-X-and-how-much-do-I-want-to-mess-up-my-child's-learning-with-stuff-like-using-a-panda-bear-for-the-letter-B task?

Well, since I have OCD for things that do not have to do with actual getting paid-to-work work, I could not stop. And now I have the whole alphabet done!


When I showed the final product to my sister she said, "All your animals look a little suspicous like they just pooped in the corner and are trying to blame the dog".

Which is my favorite thing about them. They all seem a little worried. Like they're seconds from running off the alphabet list to go hide under my bed.

It totally wasn't on purpose, but I like how the penguin and the owl ended up sort of looking at each other. They're bff.

Oh, and X is xenopus. That's a type of frog apparently. It was either that or Xena Warrior Princess, but I thought she might mess up the theme.

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  1. These are way too cute! I really like your style, and I have no doubt that Jack Bauer will love them too. Miss you tons!