Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Making My Way Back

Sorry it's been so long!  My kids are trying to kill me.  And by "kids" I mean Luke and Tula.  Between the two of them I'm averaging about four hours of sleep a night, not in a row.  I am not one of those people who's all, "I only need four hours and I'm good to go."


I need 8. Minimum.  I never get it, and rarely have, but in the past I have at least aimed for it.  Now, I can go to bed at 9:30 but Luke senses it (he has the force ya'll) (yeah, first Star Wars joke for Luke - I'm not proud of it) and he will wake up at 10:30 screaming his head off.  Thus ruining my life.


Here's some real important news for you all.

The other day for some reason my left boob was out of control.  Like it was twice the size and all full and bouncy like a teenager, and my right boob was all workout granny (small and doing it's own moves in the Jazzercise class even though she's been attending the same class with the same routine for 7 years, but still all cute with her headband and leg warmers even though she hasn't broken a sweat since 1976.)   

Anyway, I'm not sure why my right boob was being so lazy, but I put Henry on the left because he's usually my reliably serious sucker and I sometimes need him to get the party started for Luke, but he got distracted by Amy Schumer on TV (because shes hilarious) and wasn't trying very hard.  Luke wasn't getting any milk and he has this fun new trick when he's hungry where he bites hard on my nipple and then pulls while yelling at me through gritted gums. While this may sounds adorable, it is not.  It is a thousand fiery suns, herpes on your gums, hangnails on your pinkies painful.

No matter how much I tried to talk Henry into eating he wouldn't pull his eyes off Amy Schumer so I switched Luke over to the left to cover for his couch potato bro and instead of checking if there was milk he just bit and pulled and grunted as hard as he could.

And you know when something hurts so bad your start laughing because you cannot believe how much pain you're in? Well, that's what happened.  It was like nature's way of making me not throw my baby across the room for hurting me so badly.  I just started laughing/crying hysterically and that did it!  Both boys whipped their heads up to look at me and find out what the heck was going on, and Mommy's pain?  Well, that shit is hysterical.

This is during the manic laughing pain.  They are so thrilled.  Little stinkers.

Back to regualarly scheduled blogs from here on out, but for now, here's a bunch of photos from the last month!

Becky and El took a 3 week road trip and hung out in Bozeman for a few days!  In our living room! They also never slept, because, again, my kids don't like people to be happy with life.

I never understood the magic of parks until I had kids.  I mean, they bring so much happiness.

Look at that!  Pure joy!  She's so wonderful.

Oh, Addie and Tula have taken up painting and drawing on their brothers instead of paper.

Me: Addie, I told you no drawing on your brothers!
Addie: I wasn't drawing on them, I was arting on them!

Apparently Henry can scoot himself around because this is NOT where I left him.

My heart.

Arting on themselves.

Sometimes you need a helmet in the car.  You never know what could happen.

It dropped to 70 degrees.  The girls dressed appropriately.

Not nursing, just loving me up big time.

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