Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Four Years Old!

Addie turned four this past weekend.


How in the world?!

Oh my gosh she's so wonderful. She's smart, has a freakish memory, she's funny, and gorgeous, and a fantastic big sister, and kind, and feisty, and stubborn, and strong, and full of energy, and sensitive, and amazing.

Birthday morning hugs.

Now she wakes up every morning and says, "Mom, am I still four?" As if it might go away.

My sister and I were up 'til midnight, in a 90 degree house that would not cool off, blowing up balloons, and meticulously taping them to the ceiling while trying not to slip off the chair with my sweaty, sweaty feet, so Addie would have a birthday morning surprise.

Also, my sister was just in town for a while to help me out while Josh went on his annual golf trip with his bff. He actually calls him his "bff" so I have to let him go, because that's so cute.

(He doesn't really say that. He's probably going to ask me what "bff" means when he reads this, but I like to imagine him as a little teenage girl-ish, in his 41 year old, mountain man body - it makes our fights and and all the fights I have in my head because we don't have time to actually have them in real life, way funnier.

A real convo with my marriage-saving additions:

Me: Do you think you could fold this laundry?

Josh: Sure. Like, I'll totally do it. Like, totally, for sure, I just got a manicure.

**two hours later**

Me: Honey? The laundry?

Josh: What about it?

Me: . . .

Josh: Why are you looking at me like that? LOL, I mean, OMG, your face! Don't have a cow.

Me: Here, I'll help you.

Josh: Thanks.  Hashtag, you just got played. Hashtag, not folding by myself. Hashtag, I'm gonna get distracted by something in the garage starting. . . now.

Me: Honey!

Josh: Hashtag, you're so beautiful today!

Me: I love you!

And scene.)

Anyway, Becky was here and we didn't really get to talk to each other until everyone went to bed, which has strangely been around 10:30, so we didn't really get to talk. But it was nice to know she was near me. As she should be.

It also reminded me I don't have time to breathe right now.  Which is ok.  More on that later.

Have you ever tried to get six people to smile and look at the camera all at once? It's impossible.

While I was putting Tula down for a nap Addie dressed Henry up as a pig.

The girls chillin' under a giant metal chain horse. Like they do.

Luke being ridiculously cute, and Henny looking fierce in the background.

Luke got a turn to get dressed up as a pig. 
Addie shares.

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