Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a really great Mother's Day!

A quick shout out to my mom: Thanks for being such a great mom! Also, now that I'm a mom I want to apologize. You know, for my years 12-16. Give or take a decade. I love you!

Being a parent is so crazy because you suddenly realize what you thought was love before is really nothing. It's so tiny compared to what you feel for your babies. Even if they are puking, crying little monsters - you love them more than anything in the world. As my aunt puts it, "You've joined the I-would-kill-for-you club".

She makes love kinda scary.

But that's what it is. And then after realizing that I realized, "Oh my gosh, my mom loves me this much? Holy Cow! I should totally buy her more presents!"

 Anyway, yay moms!

And yay trees!  I'm gonna take this branch home with me.  YOU CAN'T STOP ME LOOK AT HOW CUTE MY CHEEKS ARE.

My mother's day was really great and fun, up until the point I roofied myself and then took the family to Target.  Nothing says I'm-a-good-mom like falling asleep in the soap aisle while my baby and her dad wait for me at the checkout.

Uh oh, Mom's passed out again.

The thing is, I don't like taking medications at all.  Aside from Advil I try to stay away from the stuff, but I've been super sick for about a week and I really wanted to enjoy the gorgeous day yesterday so I took some sort of allergy pill and washed it down with a celebratory mimosa and suddenly I'm stumbling around like I just snorted Vicodin mixed with Ambien.  My boyfriend was all, "What is going on with you?  Are you on heroin?"  I was seriously at a point where things started to get ridiculous. Like, I knew I couldn't handle myself and I really wanted it to stop but not matter how many M&M's I ate I couldn't stop the waves of sleepy.  I could never be a drug addict.  They don't make enough candy.

Don't worry Mom, you just keep napping in the sun, I'll throw the ball for the dog.  I got this.

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