Tuesday, December 6, 2011

16 Weeks!

Whoops I missed a week in there. Week fifteen was good. I think. I don't really remember, except that she got sick on Thanksgiving and there's nothing sadder than a sick infant. It totally broke my heart to see her coughing and snotty and her eyes all watery! I let her nurse pretty much all day for comfort because she seemed so sad. She was magically better by the next day which leads me to believe she wasn't really sick, that she really snuck out of her crib and hit the bars with her girls and was hungover all day, which would explain the stamp on her wrist and why she wasn't wearing her bra when I got her up in the morning! (Little floozy)

Anyway, she's sixteen weeks now and aside from giggling more and pooping slightly less not much else has majorly changed. Well, she did take up smoking, but that's only because I made her try it.


This is so cheesy, but I love her precious little face more and more each day. Like, just when you think you can't fit anymore love for her in your body - BLAM! Tomorrow hits.

I mean, Come On!

Also, I said she poops less but that's probably a lie. She poops a lot, it just doesn't end up in her diaper. Where does it go, you ask? GOOD QUESTION! It goes in her pant legs and also, up her back to her neck. How does it get there, you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA. Sometimes I see it all sprayed all over the place, and I'm all, "Oh man, if this is what the legs look like, what the heck kind of a disaster will her diaper be?" and then I look, and it's pristine, no poop anywhere even near the diaper. It's almost like she goes in the diaper and then the diaper is like, "Oh hell naw!" and spits it out all over her for revenge.

And now because this happens about seventy times a day she ends up dressed like this most of the time:

"Mom, this sweater is too big, the polka dot onesie doesn't match - anything - and these pants used to be green. Outfit fail."

"I spent all day in pj's because I ruined seven hundred outfits!"

Wearing her grandma sweater, and practicing how to tell the runner to steal third.

Anyway, more frequent posts coming up I promise! And none of them will even mention poop!


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