Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh My Gosh. . .

It's A Girl!!!

And she's very bendy.

I could not stop crying, a) because oh my gosh it's a girl! And b) because oh my gosh it's a girl! When I told my mom she was very excited but I could almost hear her inner thoughts of, "Aaaahahahaha! I hope she's just. like. you."

I'm totally thrilled, and would have been if it was a boy too, but secretly I'm totally excited to embarrass the crap out of her while picking her up from school in my pjs (on purpose), or talking to her boyfriends about their intentions, or making her wish she could sink into the ground and vanish when I offer to sing/chaperone at one of her school dances. The possiblities are ENDLESS! Not that I plan on being horribly mortifying, but I know myself and I know how girls are come 12 and trust me - that combo is a recipe for so much joy (on my part) and so much embarrassment (on her part).

During most of the ultrasound she was bent in half, holding her toes up above her head.

Mommy wishes she could still do that.

It was so amazing that you could sit there and see everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. Like, the kidneys, the spine, the brain, the four chambers of that tiny, beating heart which was so amazing I could have watched it for hours. We watched her yawn, and grab her legs, and punch me in the bladder. She swallowed and we could see her little tongue and then she suddenly turned around and showed us this:

"Hey guys, this is my foot. Check out my teeny tiny toes."

They're her Daddy's toes. I can already tell.

The woman doing the ultrasound was so nice, and was narrating everything until she stopped suddenly.

"Ok, the tibia and fibia are measuring perfectly. The clavicle is great. All the bones are right on track, let's just do the leg . . . Oh. Oh my."


"Well. Nothing."

"What do you mean 'nothing'?! How many legs does my baby have!?!?"

"Oh she's got two legs. It's just . . . " She peers at the screen. Then stops for a second, and turns to look over at the two of us.

"Oh! That's right. Look at you two!"

"She looks tired?"

"No, you're both really tall. Her legs are measuring two weeks bigger than everything else. She's gonna be lanky! I'll just tell the radiologist so he knows there's nothing wrong."

So, it's already started. Even in the womb people are talking about how tall the baby is.

One of the last shots we got before I had to pee (for the ten thousandth time) (they make you drink six cups of water before the appointment so your bladder can act as a window or something. it's pretty much the same as torture, "Hey pregnant lady, let's fill up that bladder then press on it for an hour. Tell me where the bombs are! Tell me!"), was this shot of the little girl's hand.

My sister says it looks like she's throwing gang signs, or doing the wink and gun shoot thing (which would be so cute!), but I kinda think (don't make fun of me), I kinda think it looks like she's doing sign language. Anyone? Gige, please tell me you can see that.

If that's not the sign for "I love you", then I'm just a psycho preggers lady filled with too much love-y adrenaline right now.

It's probably a little bit of both.


  1. I think she already looks like her Auntie Becky! She's even bendy like her.

  2. OMG!!! She is TOTALLY signing I Love You!! I thought that the second I saw the picture even before I read it. Of course, she's talking to me because she knows I would understand her. I love you too Baby Girl!!!