Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fruit Farm

I just ate Starbursts for breakfast. And before you go judging, I just want you to know that I consider that way healthier than the seventeen donuts I wanted to eat but didn't because I'm trying to keep my baby healthy, so instead I thought, "Starbursts are fruit-like. That should be fine."

Later I compare napping to a light jog!

My logic is just getting better and better people.

In other news: every week I get an update about what's going on up in my insides, and then they compare the size of the baby to a piece of fruit. Which seems cute but it's starting to get really confusing. Last week they said the baby was 5 1/2 inches long about the size of a tomato! I don't know what sort of crazy tomato farm they grew up on but where I come from tomatoes are the size of . . . a tomato. Like half the size of my palm maybe? Not the size of the average . . . foot.

Then this week they said it was 6 inches, the size of a large banana. Ok, that I can handle. I've eaten some big bananas.

(see how I'm not making jokes because this is my baby blog!)
(it's killing me)

But I peeked for next week, and next week it's the size of a carrot. Ok, now a) a carrot is a vegetable. Maybe not according to science, but according to my heart it's a vegetable. And b) a carrot is larger than a banana? I don't know what sort of crazy carrot farm they grew up on, but I really hope it's true because if my baby is growing and shrinking like some sort of magical shrinky dink I am going to freak out. They're not like sponges are they? Just filling up and then wringing themselves out every once in a while to make room for all the Starbursts I'm filling up on.

I just checked and the week after carrot week is spaghetti squash (huge) and then after that, I kid you not, a mango (not huge). A mango? You go from a large squash to a mango? Was the person making up this fruit chart from somewhere where they don't have fruit?

Anyway, it seems weird. But right now I've gotta go feed my little banana, because someone is kicking my bladder and if that doesn't mean I need to go eat some grapes and little chocolate caramels I don't know what does!

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