Wednesday, May 13, 2015


This little beautiful fireball is two years old today!

Ugh!  I just love her so much.  In some ways its shocking she's already two, but in even more ways it's like - how has it only been two years?!  It feels like we've had her forever.  She is so full and bright and gigantic and hilarious and strong in her personality, she is a force to be reckoned with in the best possible way.  She brings laughter when we need it, and love and sometimes slight terror (girlfriend can chuck a can of soup like a professional).

Happy, happy, happy birthday Tutti!

Also, in prep for the birthday today all the kids were in the best moods yesterday:

Lately Henry is too in love to nurse.  He'll eat for a few minutes, realize I'm up there and then gaze at me lovingly until I look back at him and reassure him I am equally in love.

Luke is too busy laughing and telling jokes to nurse.  These boys have the best personalities ever!  They are truly delightful.  And I never thought I'd say that about babies, but it's true.  Even when they pee on me it's cute.

Addie is too busy having a dance party to go to bed.
She's also been in that outfit for three days.  

Tula is too goosey to eat breakfast.  Her new favorite joke is to try to eat with her nostril.  It doesn't work, but it's hysterical every time.


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  2. Happiest of Birthday's Tula Marie!! On a side note, Addie is turning into the little Hipster isn't she?


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