Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Irrational Fears and Dinner Dates

Well, it turns out I have some weird underlying fear of the sea.  I mean, I know I'm not like a mermaid, I like the ocean, I like swimming and snorkeling as long as I can see the bottom.  Once a cliff drops off I'm snorkeling my ass back to shore faster than you can say "That seaweed touched me and now I'm so scared I'm not thinking rationally!  I mean, I know it's just seaweed, it should be scared of me, I eat that shit, I roll it up with rice and avocado, but that's in a nice package I bought from the store, someone has already slain it, and I have no idea what I'm really afraid of, all I know is it's probably going to grab me and pull me under to a sea-torture-land and OH MY GOD IT TOUCHED ME AGAIN! Help!  I can't breathe!  SOMEONE SAVE ME FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.  Kids, save yourselves!  Mommy can't help you with no legs!"  And then I'm crying on the sand where the waves are crashing in on me, unaware that an entire beach is watching me, and that my boob is hanging out.

So, I didn't realize this was hiding inside me until I took this picture of the girls.

Cute right?  We bought different colored bath tablets for fun bath time, but the soap bubbles in this picture look like waves, the water is eerily deep-pacific-ocean green, and I start to feel nauseous and scared and want to yank them out of there because WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE.  

I mean it's even weirder that it's the picture scares me not the actual thing.

Anyway, this is probably something I should delve into in therapy, but that ain't gonna happen.  My imagination is overactive and I obsess.  There, I'll pay myself $150 now.

Moving on!  Now that the boys are three months old I guess it's time for the third and final installment of the labor and delivery - How Henry Got Here.  Which will be here tomorrow.  Or when he turns 18, depending on how the day goes.  I'm a single mom up in here for a while because Josh and his parents just left for Minnesota at 5am and my mom doesn't get here until later tomorrow.  I could be drinking a lot of wine tonight, or crying myself to sleep, depends on how the kids decide to spend the rest of the day.  Just kidding, I'll definitely be drinking!

Until then, here's some more pics as of late!

I've been working out lately.  When Luke lets me.  Usually he'd prefer I just hold him.  Sorry future spouse, my baby is a Mama's boy (yay!).

We've been hitting up the park early in the morning as a special little treat.  
It's beyond joyus.

Dress up at the museum.

 Oh, also, the other week we dropped the girls off for a sleepover at their grandma's house and took ourselves on a semi-date!  We took the boys with us, but they slept through most of it so it felt like we were alone, and it was glorious.

I mean, is this not the sexiest thing you've ever seen?

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