Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bath Time

So the other day I was taking a shower when Addie decided to peek in and see what was going on.  At first she was amused and threw various household items into the tub with me, but then she took a good look at me, realized something was different about her mom and screamed more terrified than I've ever seen her scream.

I get that reaction a lot when people see me in the shower.

Since I was the only one home, and girlfriend was seriously distraught, I picked her up right there and she cuddled with me in the shower, me getting soap into my eyes and trying not to yell so it wouldn't upset her even more, and her - fully clothed - getting drenched in the shower, but not caring because she needed a hug and she needed it right now.  How do you deny a baby comfort even though only one fourth of your legs is shaved?

You don't.

So, the little lady got to have her first, fully dressed shower, and I ruined a new pair of contacts by not being able to rinse conditioner out of my eye in a timely manner.

Once she calmed down I sat her down in the tub and finished my business.  She thought this was hysterical.  Wet pants mama!  I HAVE WET PANTS!  THE HILARITY!  And since she was already halfway there, when I was done I got out and filled the tub up for her, all the while, still forgetting to take her clothes off.  She was like a teeny, tiny never-nude.

Anyway, it was one of the weirdest shower experiences I've ever had.  And I have a cat who used to shower with me daily.  Maybe I should introduce them to group bath time.  Kitty and baby baths?  BEST. IDEA. I'VE. EVER. HAD. AS. A. PARENT.

I'll go get my rubber ducky.

I'll get the bubble bath.

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