Thursday, September 22, 2011

Four generations in da house!

Our families have been visiting non-stop which has been so nice, and wonderful for us and for Adeline. She gets cuddled all the time, and I get to do things like actually brush my teeth or . . . uhm. . . that's about all I can remember to do lately. But still! Yay clean teeth! I think! I mean, I know I took my toothbrush out but I'm not sure if it's wet because I brushed or because it fell into the pot in the kitchen sink where I was soaking some old bowls full of chili.

Because the kitchen sink? It's where I make us brush our teeth now. Because let me tell you something - when that little lady falls asleep at night there's no way in the world I'm letting us ruin it with something trivial like brushing teeth in our own bathroom. Or peeing. Or changing into pajamas. I'm this close to making us sleep on the floor next to the door of our bedroom because sometimes I'm afraid the blankets will be too loud. Anything that needs to be done before bed has to be done before she falls asleep or you can just go right ahead and sleep in your jeans and boots mister I-have-the-noisiest-shoe-laces-in-the-world!

Yes. It's probably time I put her in her own room.

But I'm not ready yet!

Maybe when she's six years weeks old. Maybe.

Addie and her Auntie Becky.

Addie and her Grandma.

Addie (and me with a cape on apparently) and Tutu!

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  1. Beautiful baby! She is so loved :) and I'm so glad that you're all doing well!