Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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Ok, so it's been FOREVER.

I'm sorry. But I'm back! And as a way of an excuse I still have the four kids and now have three part time jobs, two of which are writing-type jobs so when I feel the need to write something it usually goes somewhere where I'm getting money. Which feels good. To be making money doing something that also makes me happy. It's like the universe aligns and stars appear out of nowhere in my house and my carpet is make with clean-up-able glitter! It's not enough money to pay our mortgage or anything, but it's something. And that's awesome if you ask me. 

For now. 


It's snowing here. Which means the boys are going to be one in two months. Which means, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 


I just. I can't even.

Tons of stories and stuff about all of them coming up, but first, here's a million catch up pictures!

Luke being my little lovey. 
I mean, look at that smile. He is so dang darling it hurts.

Not to be outdone, Henry is equally hurt-y. Those laughs!

My mom made Addie the crown, and then all on her own Addie made this throne. She calls it her "charient" and when Tula walked in the room and asked Addie to had her something Addie said, "Ok, but only if you bow to me and say "Yes, my queen.""

Luke, loves being king!

Henry is not as much into it.

Boris is such a trooper. Tula loves him hard. Sometimes a little too hard.

Sometimes when you're child wakes you up at 5am it's ok to put him in the sink so you can get stuff done.

Tiana came to visit!

This is the girls' first round of Halloween costumes! Josh declared Adeline is not allowed to be Elsa anymore for Halloween which probably means she'll be Elsa for the next thirty years.

My mom came to stay with me while Josh was gone for a week! So wonderful. We didn't even get a chance to talk because with four kids the only time you get to talk is when they're asleep, so we'd get out the wine at 9:30pm and then be in bed by 9:45. I lead a very exciting life y'all.

One day I asked Josh to put a sweater on Tula, and this is what I found.
That's a 12month sized sweatshirt. 
She rocked it.

Round 2!

Round 2 was adorable!

Round 2.5, Tula added a dia de los muertos flair.

My Aunt Mary came while my mom was here and when she left she sent me all these goodies! Henry was very excited!

Luke working on his break dancing.

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